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***We Are Now Closed!***

The new FDA Deeming Regulations has put this company out of business. As of now we will no longer be able to sell or products. We are very small and can not afford to pay the $2.5 billion, yes Billion, it will take us to comply with these Deeming Regulations. We would have to cut product quality and verity to comply and we refuse to do that. We have left our site as it is so you can see what the FDA has taken away. You will not be able to complete any order as we have disabled the checkout.

We will be keeping our DIY Forum Open. This is so we can help you make the E-Liquid that you enjoy vaping.

We Urge you to go to CASAA and fight for your right to vape. It is clear that the FDA is not looking out for the best interests of people that want to give up smoking using vapor products. Nor do they care how many small business go out of business from their Deeming Regulations that favor true tobacco products and Big Tobacco.
E-Liquid Is Not Tobacco!

Please Visit Our DIY Help Forums.

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TOBH V2 RDA 1:1 Clone
$30.95  $20.95
Save: 32% off
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TOBH V2 RDA 1:1 Clone
TOBH V2 RDA 1:1 Clone
$30.95  $20.95
Save: 32% off