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Paid Subscriptions Now Available
You may be asking why have paid subscriptions... Well it is this simple. Our instructor is also our flavor mixologist and has over 6 years of mixing experience making and creating E-Liquid. His time is worth paying for. This is one on one training to help you learn how to make your own E-Liquid saving you hundreds of dollars over time. You could spend weeks even months searching and watching DIY videos and not learn what you could in just a few days here. We feel these are very reasonable rates for the help you will receive here. We are very strong supporters of DIY E-Liquid and love to help people gain the freedom of making their own E-Liquids. This training is offered not only through our forum, but also over Skype at no extra charge to paid subscribers. If you do not have a free Skype account you can create one here. If you do not wish to have a Skype account we can arrange for paid subscribers to have lessons over the phone. However you will need to make appointments for phone or Skype services. This is so we can make sure you get at least 1 hour of time with no interruptions.

Besides the training, with your subscription you will receive a 10% discount in the Fadora Vapor store for as long as your subscription is up to date. This discount is good on any items in the Fadora Vapor store. With your subscription you will receive a discount code in the Welcoming post on your personal board. We will also be offering other specials that only our paid subscribers will have access to. If your Subscription lapses or you cancel your subscription then you will no longer receive this discount or special offers. In some cases the savings alone will pay for your subscription. There is also information that is not posted on the main boards to supplies and other resources such as tutorials to help you. Trial Members are not eligible for the discount or special offers.

You do not need to subscribe to benefit from the forum. There is a lot of information that is open to everyone. The subscriptions are more for those that want one on one help learning how to make E-Liquid.

Subscription Rates:
Trial (2 days) $2.00
1 Week (7 days) $5.00
1 Month $15.00
1 Year $100.00
Subscription Payment Options

How long is the Subscription?
You may pay for Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly Subscriptions. This gives you a way to have as few or as many days as you feel are needed to learn how to DIY E-Liquid without being saddled into a service you feel you no longer need.

How can I pay for my Subscription?
We have two ways you can pay Via PayPal or right from our site with your Visa, Master Card, Discover Credit Card.

Are payments Automatically Deducted every week, month, or year?
Yes, but only when paying through PayPal at this time. We have also set up a Non Auto Pay option through PayPal for those that do not wish to have the payment automatically deducted.

I don't want Auto Pay can I just pay as I go?
Yes, you may go here and Pay As You Go or choose the Non Auto Pay PayPal option.

I don't have a PayPal account how do I pay?
I you do not have a PayPal account you may pay with you Visa, Master, or Discover card. This link will take you to our other pay option trough Fadora Vapor's website. Click Here

I have paid for my training, If I cancel will I still have access to information I paid for?
Yes, Once you pay you have access to any information or training you have been given. If your subscription lapses or you cancel, your personal board will be locked to posting new questions. If you decide you want to continue, just renew your subscription and your personal board will be unlocked.

Can I unsubscribe any time?
Yes, if you are using the Auto Pay, you may Unsubscribe any time. If you are on the Pay As You Go there is no need to Unsubscribe, you are not obligated to renew and can renew any time.

If I unsubscribe early do I get a refund?
No, you will have access till the end of that your paid subscription period. Do not pay for a year if you think it is more time than you would need. If you are unsure then use the pay as you go option and choose 1 week or 1 month at a time.

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