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Coil Maintenance, Rewicking your KPT Coil head. Once you have a rebuilt coil, the trick in keeping it going is the re wicking. I do not advise this for a OEM Kanger head. You will find it difficult and in most cases end up damaging the coil anyway. This is meant for a rebuilt head and in most cases uses a heaver gauge wire Kanthal than the OEMs.

Lets get started.

Dry Burning

To dry Burn your coil you will need:


Pliers (Not Required)

A KPT Base

Your Coil Head

Your APV or EGo style battery with a 510 connection

Take the base off your tank but do not remove the coil head. You do not have to remove the tank from your unit to remove the base. If your tank has E-Liquid still in it, take off the drip tip and turn it upside down or dump out your old E-Liquid.

Rewick Kanger Coil Rewick Kanger Coil Rewick Kanger Coil

Now remove the chimney from the coil head. You may need pliers to do this but in most cases it can be taken off without them.

Rewick Kanger Coil

Remove the Flavor Wick

Rewick Kanger Coil

Screw your KPT base back onto the unit. Remove the main wick from the coil. If the coil is gunked up and a gentle pull will not remove the wick, continue to the next step.

Rewick Kanger Coil

Now you are ready to dry burn your coil. Press the firing button in short bursts (2-3 seconds) You will see vapor coming off the coil for a few fires and then you see the coil starting to glow. (If you did not remove your wick in the step above you may remove the excess wick now.) Keep repeating this step until the coil is clean of all residue.

Rewick Kanger Coil Rewick Kanger Coil Rewick Kanger Coil Rewick Kanger Coil Rewick Kanger Coil Rewick Kanger Coil Rewick Kanger Coil Rewick Kanger Coil

Now you are ready to add your new wick.

Rewicking the coil
To rewick the coil you will need:


Organic Cotton or Japanese Cotton

E-Liquid or straight PG VG

This coil is one that I just built and dry burning is not needed. If you are doing a rewick take your tweezers and carefully, pull out the old wick. Some times the wick can be fuzed to the coil with gunk. In this case, just burn off the old wick as you will be replacing it anyway.

Remove a small amount of Cotton from your cotton ball

Rewick Kanger Coil

Roll it loosely on one end roll it tight to make it easy to thread into the coil

Rewick Kanger Coil

Take your tweezers and pull it through the coil making sure it moves freely but not loose. If it is to loose you will get leaking. If it is to tight it will not wick well and you will get dry hits. NOTE: Pay close attention to the coil and make sure it is not touching the side of the coil head. This will cause a short.

Rewick Kanger Coil

Rewick Kanger Coil

Trim off the excess cotton on the end you used to thread the cotton in the coil. Cut it off at the edge of the coil head.

Rewick Kanger Coil

Once this is done take the longer end and fold it over the on top of the coil. This will be your favor wick. If you have used to much cotton it will cause a harder draw when complete. Sometimes you need to twist it a bit so it fits nicely in the grove of the head. Make sure when you fold it to leave extra cotton beyond the coil head. This will be trimmed later.

Rewick Kanger Coil

NOTE: This is when you want to juice up the wick. take a few drops and wet the wick. This will do two things. It will prime the wick. and protect it from burning off with the first couple hits. It can also help in folding the wick and placing it in the coil head groove.

Now place your chimney back on the head. This will hold your flavor wick in place.

Rewick Kanger Coil

Now it is time to trim up the wick. Trim both sides of the wick using your edge of the coil head as your guide.

Rewick Kanger Coil

Your done :D install the newly rewicked coil and Vape.

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