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Did you do a video review of our E-liquid? We will post any Video Review of our E-Liquids here.
If you have a video review and would like it posted here...
Please email us a link to the video through the "Contact Us" page.

Video review of "Cinnamon Stick" one of our Signature Line of E-Liquids By Leo.
This is from their Signature Line of juices. I am vaping 0mg so no mention of throat hit. This is a very authentic cinnamon flavor that holds up on lower resistance setups.

Video review of "Apple Cider" one of our Signature Line of E-Liquids By Leo.
Remember folks, you have the option to exclude the solids. But it will be your loss :)

Video review of "PBFB" one of our Original Line of E-Liquids By FB Paul.
"I just can't stop smiling as I vape this juice... It is So Good!"

NightmareVaping review of Mojito, Plum, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Hydra's Delight.
"Oh WOW... Ho.Ho.. That's really good. Hydra's Delight is fricking phenomenal, phenomenal in my opinion."

VWG Reviews review of Watermelon, Buttered Popcorn, Banana, Home Canned Peaches, and Hydra's Delight.
"Amaz'in... This Buttered Popcorn taste just like, Buttered Popcorn."

NightmareVaping review of Black Raspberry, Moth Juice, Cherry Sucker, Strawberry Waffle, and PBFB.
"I'm at a loss for words... it taste like your eating a peanut butter cup"

Customer Review of "Moth Juice, Frutti-Tutti, Birthday Cake, Home Canned Peaches, and Hydra's Delight"
By Shen_Long86

Customer Review of "PBFB"
By Shen_Long86

VapeReviewski review of Snickerdoodle, Birthday Cake, Banana Nut Bread, Strawberry Waffle, and Moth Juice. This is a good example of how taste is subjective. He mentions flavors that he tastes that are not part of the recipe. For example: Birthday Cake has no cherry flavor added. He mentions RY4 flavor in Snickerdoole, this flavor has no RY4 or tobacco flavoring in it. We do not make or have any RY4 flavorings. I'm not saying it was a bad review by any means, just that tastes vary from person to person. VapeReviewski will be doing more reviews in the future and I want to thank him for his time in doing this review.

This is why I do this. Some companies are in this for the money, We are in business to help people quit smoking. This video from The Bone Slummer made my day and wanted to add it to our reviews. Congratulations Bone Slummer on making the switch and getting off analogs!


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"Apple Cider"
By Leo Lee.

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