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Create Your Own 5 ml Flavoring

Starting at: $4.75

Please Choose:

Give Your Flavoring Creation a Name (Limit 25 characters)

Add Extra Sweetener

It is best to have 25-30% total flavoring for the best results.








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  • Model: FV-CRYO5mlFlavor
  • Manufactured by: Fadora Vapor


Do you DIY your own E-Liquid? Now you can create a flavoring to add to your own DIY mix.

Follow the directions below to build your flavoring. The price includes 3 flavorings. Each percent of flavoring added will add to the cost after 3 flavorings. Create Your Own Flavoring is only offered in 5ml plastic bottle size.

First - Choose a name for your new creation. When choosing a name your are limited to 25 characters. This is done so it will fit on the label. We reserve the right to reject any copyrighted name or other wise offensive content.

Fourth - Choose if you would like to add sweetener to creation to make it as sweet as you would like. If you want it "Tart" add the Sweet & Tart flavoring as part of your creation.

Fifth - Choose the flavorings you would like to add. Then, choose a percentage of that flavor you would like added. We read these from top to bottom. Flavor Number 1 should be your choice for the flavor you want to be most prominent in your mix having the highest percentage. Any flavors after that should be progressively lower or equal to Flavor Number one. Your first 3 favors are included There is an added charge for 4 or more flavors and added sweetener.

Sixth - Continue to choose the flavors you would like in your mix. Up to nine flavors may be added. Do not forget to add the percentage of flavor. If there is no percent selected for any flavor, that flavor will not be added to your mix.

Create Your Own E-Liquid Calculator:
This is an e-juice calculator we are working on. It is not ready yet and will go through many changes. This is meant to be a tool. It is not required to order your custom blend. If you create a flavor you would like to try later, you can save your creation to a PDF file and save it to your computer or tablet. You may also use Step 5 to figure out the percent of flavoring used in your creation.

To do this:
Choose "File"
Choose "Print"
It will automatically create a PDF file you can download for future reference.
Or, you can choose to "Download As" under the "File" option and save it as a Word Doc, PDF, or Excel file.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 2015.

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